Saturday, August 2, 2008

What women want from men?

The title of this blog is really tempting and I am trying to keep it tempting. Don’t you think -- it’s the most difficult and debated topic? I even don’t have much idea about it. But, whatever I know – I really want to share with you guys. Don’t get offended girls – I am not generalizing the thing I have mentioned here. It’s just what I have experienced.

As I have mentioned in my last blog, I still don’t want to focus on the same topic, i.e., SEX. There are other interesting aspects as well and I am going to share the one i.e., shopping and women. I sometimes wonder how finicky girls could be when it comes to shopping. Suppose, if I have to buy a jeans or a T-shirt, it will hardly take an hour or two. However, when your girl friend has to buy the same stuff – forget man, better take a leave from your office. Just mail your boss that you are ill and can’t join the office today. The reason is quite valid, coz otherwise also you are going to fall ill after shopping.

I remember one such event when I had to go with my friend (no need to specify) for a shopping spree. She told me one day in advance about her program and also specified that I have to bear all the expenses. The moment she disconnected the phone, my first reaction was – oh god, save me. In the meantime, I checked my wallet – and it was only 100 bucks. I went to the ATM and took some money for the next day.

Next day, early in the morning she reminded me the same – be ready, we have to go for shopping and I said, “Okay I know that.” At around 11 am we went to the market – a genuinely good market for shopping, especially for girls. The market was crowded and the weather was hot because of two reasons: first due to the scorching sun and the second – u know, hot chicks roaming around. Anyway, she thought to buy a jeans first – she does not compromise with brands and therefore, we entered in a showroom – fully air-conditioned. Again I checked my wallet and felt satisfied, as I had cards also. Now the finicky nature starts – she had to choose a black jeans, as black is her favorite color. But the problem is that she picked and tried all colors, even black but her face expression was clear – she was not satisfied. Remember, this was the first showroom we entered.

In the next 2 hours, we had entered 6 other shops for the same. After so much thought (I don’t know why girls think so much knowing the fact that they don’t have that cerebellum part in the brain), she said, "the first one was better." You can imagine my condition at that moment – but couldn’t say a word. Anyway, we again went to the first shop and finally bought an expensive branded jeans for her. She was happy and passed 1000$ smile towards me – that is all I wanted – Lol. Now, I was somewhat relaxed but the very next moment she said, let’s go to some other market for T-shirt. It was her day – so, I had no right to comment. We went to other expensive market and same episode – we entered at least 4 shops and finally bought another expensive T-shirt – again got a 1000$ smile from her.

It was almost around 6 o clock and both were feeling hungry – since, our tastes are similar, we had no problem searching a restaurant. Both like Chinese food. After shopping and eating – I finally reached my home at around 10 o clock. Frankly speaking, unlike other guys, I like shopping and enjoy the same when I am with my friend. So, it was on the whole a good day for me.


Dexter_busy said...

Hilarious One...Really liked that Cerebbelum...or whatever...thing. Dear, I believe Girls have more brain than us...that's why they try to check out every available options before taking the final call. I might sound harsh, but same thing applies in real life, where they have to make decisions. So, we have to raise our brand value to be there on the hot favourite list. God help us to become the right brand for them!!

cool-deviant said...

Thanks for ur audacious comment -- hehehe

cool-deviant said...

Hi Dexter, u can also comment from ur jena wala id...

Insomnized Phoenix said...

may i know who's that fren of urs with 1000$ smile??? well...i just made a guess. please confirm!!!

Dexter_busy said...

Jena wala ID??????


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