Monday, August 6, 2012

My Extracurricular Activity

Teaching is one of the best extracurricular activities of my life. It’s my passion and I love guiding children in the best possible way. Well, this is not something that most people would prefer as an extracurricular activity, but for me it’s my love. I have grown up in a family where education is closely linked; both my parents are in teaching profession. I owe my gratitude to parents for inculcating my interest in teaching. My mom would always show answer sheets of some of the best students of her school. Today, when I delve into the past, I thank my mom for giving such an encouraging boost to my knowledge and thought process.

My educational journey has been a challenging one. I prepared hard for the entrance test to get admission in a graduate college. I still remember how difficult it was to understand some concepts. When I interact with students, I give attention to each and every one of them to make sure they understand the topic. When I was in school, some teachers would focus only on bright students. For me, teaching is only successful when you improve every student’s capability; understand their hidden talent and encourage them.

After finishing my Masters degree, I worked in several companies, but I was not happy. I met a friend of mine and shared my dilemma. He advised me to write things that I really want in my life and just follow them. The very first word I wrote on a piece of paper was teaching. I love teaching, and I find ways to make my teaching more interactive and innovative. However, when I meet students, I feel happy, and content from inside. After every class, I give additional time to share my experience with students. 


Dear Pretty,

 I am writing this letter to you because I want to admit that I was wrong at that point of time; and if you read this letter then you might forgive me.

 It is true that even after 7 years, I can still feel the plight and a sense of guilt in my mind because at the end of the day, neither you are with me nor the girl for whom I left you.

 I still remember the very first time I saw you in the evening of February when you were talking and laughing with your friends on the terrace of your hostel. And I was sitting in my study room and was able to see the terrace of your hostel clearly from my window. It was like love at first sight and I wished if you were my girl friend. I had never thought that you would also fall in love with me, but destiny had it. I didn’t know that I was famous among your friends as an innocent boy because I would never dare to see any of them face to face. I know that might have impressed you about me and that’s why when you saw me while you were alone on the terrace, you smiled and that was the indication of your interest in me.

 I still remember when I showed you the phone number from a distance that I had written on a piece of white paper. You had come on the terrace on that scorching sunny day and I still can’t believe how you remembered that though you didn’t write that anywhere. And do you remember when you called me several times on the basic phone and every time my dad would pick up the phone. But finally, I picked up once and you reminded me that it was you. After that we used to talk almost every day and soon I proposed you and thank god, you accepted my proposal.

 It was my college vacation and after few days I returned to my college where I was studying science and that was far from my native place. But yes, I used to call you every Sunday from a telephone booth that was not far from my college campus. The booth owner would smile every time I would visit him.

 And do you remember when I accidently broke my hand in my college and returned home for the medical treatment. My friend’s girl friend sent that message to you and you cried and prayed in front of God to save me. I will always be thankful for that P. And when I recovered from the illness, I managed to meet you in a restaurant for just half an hour.

 Oh yes, do you remember when you waved your hand from the roof of your home when my train was crossing very near to your house and your mother asked to whom you were waving your hand and you said, to your friends. I just wanted to jump out from the train and reach you. I know you wanted to see a glance of me and that’s why you went home from your hostel because my train would pass very close to your native house.

 I used to spend hours to write a letter to you from my college hostel. I wanted to write everything on a piece of paper and I would desperately wait for the same. I still have those letters of yours and sometimes I read them and my mind dwells into the deep sea of thoughts. With time we came closer and at the same time, I finished my graduation a year before you. You were so worried those days because your father was looking for a suitable guy for you. And that’s why you reminded me to settle down soon so that we could marry of course against our parents’ will.

 I don’t know how something changes in life so fast that we sometimes don’t even think or realize it. The same thing happened with us. I completed graduation and took admission in Masters. I didn’t realize that this shift of mine would have a dramatic effect on our lives as well.

 I never told you one thing that I was registered to a horoscope site where I would get updates almost every month. Before taking admission to my Masters, I got an update and I still have that print out with me. It said that I would meet a friend or a girl friend in the month of September. I had no faith and why would I because you were there in my life. I took admission at the end of July 2003 and my college session started from August 2003. After one month, a girl took admission in my class. She was good looking, charming and simple as well. Though I liked her persona but didn’t show any interest in her. Months passed; still I had not much contact with her. It was only when we got some computer programming projects and she needed my help. I still remember she waited for me at the bus station so that we could go to our respective places together. That time only I don’t know what happened, I generated a soft corner for her. And if you remember when I called you up from my first cell phone, I talked more about her than me. I know that would have hurt you a lot, but I was unaware of that.

 Me and my new girl friend would attend masters’ classes everyday and would spend a good amount of time together. With time, we came closer and she would even visit my flat to discuss projects and other subjects. One fine day, she kissed my forehead gently and said she cares for me a lot. That incident had a strong impact on my mind and from that very day, I ignored you completely. And it was my Birthday when you called me up and instead of thanking you, I simply asked when would you get married. That was the last call from you. But I had no idea that you would get married soon, but I knew about your marriage only when I tried to contact you on your Birthday. I requested one of my friends to call you up and when she talked to your mom then only I knew that you got married and settled down somewhere with your husband.

 I pray to god for your happiness. But today after 7 years, I am still single because the one for whom I left you also left me alone - - I don’t want to marry now. I lost you and I feel it every second of my life. I just want to request you that if you read this letter then forgive me for the pain I gave you.

 God Bless You.


Monday, April 20, 2009

Girls Shopping Secret Revealed

Like many others, I love to savor each sip of tea while reading the newspaper. When I get up in the morning, I need two things, my newspaper and a cup of tea. Since I am living alone in Delhi, I have no choice but to prepare tea by myself. The newspaper vendor (Ram Lal) does not come to my house rather he throws the newspaper from a distance. But his pitch is perfect and when I get up in the morning, I find the newspaper just in front of my room.

Today when I was turning newspaper pages, my eyes got stuck on a news title, “Women’s shopping secret revealed.” I started reading the news, which is quoted as “Scientists from a renowned University have found that women go crazy about shopping 10 days before the start of their menstrual cycle. According to researchers, during those days, most women feel depressed due to some hormonal changes and to divert their mood, they go to malls and shop whatever they want.”

Guys, it’s a great news for us – how? Well, wait a minute – I explain each and everything in detail. The very first thing you have to do is ask your girl friend about her period – I don’t think girls would anyway bother revealing this information (forget about girls who wouldn't say boo to a goose). Then do some arithmetic calculation – guys don’t worry you only need to add or subtract. Thank god – no calculus, no probability and no permutation and combination. Just find the dooms day and save your wallet -- well, I am sure you must be getting my point, right?

How can you forget those days when your girl friend would come from behind and put her hand in your back pocket or would insist you for shopping? Now the answer is with you – she must have been going through that period – the so called dooms day. Now what you have to do is avoid those particular days, I mean when your girl friend calls you up – just say, you are busy in your studies, catch you later, or something like that. You only have to avoid those misty days coz if you meet your girl friend during that period then better go to ATM booth and draw some money for shopping. Well, if you have enough money then this blog is of no use to you.

Girls please don’t get offended -- I can see the pangs of jealousy on your face. Well, if you love shopping its good but do you remember when the last time you bought something for your boyfriend – nooooooooooo….Ohhhh God…poor guy… Learn the art of mutual cooperation – and express the love for each other. Its like you scratch my back and I will scratch yours kind of thing.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Vanity: No Apologies

Recently I read some news on Viagra – scientists claim that people who often use aphrodisiac for improving their sexual satisfaction also welcome various diseases. Today Viagra is easily available in the market, but it has side effects that finally lead to various diseases.

Well, this news has nothing to do with me coz I am still single and virgiii…So, what is the use of Viagra…But this news reminded me of my college days when I first visited a medical shop to buy the same just for sere curiosity. I was really nervous but I finally geared up and asked the chemist to give me a Viagra capsule. I had seen various TV ads on Viagra and I liked a brand that was available at the chemist’s shop.

When I asked the chemist to show me the bottle containing Viagra capsules – he looked at me in such a way as if I was doing a crime (what a low mentality he was having)… Anyway, I bought the capsule and as I kept it in my pocket, the Viagra magic started…shhhhhhh… read it carefully…lol

Well, the magic started and my normal cock (so called munna) turned into a serpent. Thank god I had a tight undergarment otherwise anyone could have guessed it…lol
I reached at my room and locked the door --- I don’t know whether the effect was psychological or whatever, but the magic was on…

Since I was in a hostel room, I just wanted to do the thing quickly but alone without any opposite sex – can u imagine? Well, I slipped my trouser and inner wear just to let my cock take a deep breath. I don’t know what was happening at that particular time, but I was just following the instructions of my brain nerves. I finally released the tension and my cock (munna) went into a deep sleep mode.

Well, the moral of the story is that Viagra is more about mental frame shift of mind – sexual desire comes more from each others understanding, love and care – rest all are bullshit.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Post Valentine’s Day Special

Valentine’s Day is over and so the love – sorry, just kidding. Well, many youngsters say that for them everyday is special and Valentine’s Day is no different. They love their partners with the same passion as any other day, while many others desperately wait for Valentine’s Day, i.e., 14th February. Well, in my opinion, Valentine’s Day is a good concept – though I am still single (ready to mingle), but there has always been a veiled hope that on Valentine’s day, someone inadvertently would call me and say, “Hey… will you be my valentine?”… Lol

Well, on dooms day, while I was waiting for such unknown calls, my mind was searching for other options. My 1500 gram brain sent a message through millions of nerve cells, “Why don’t you go out at places such as malls and multiplexes where you can get someone special.” The idea was great – I went to the salon and asked the barber for hair cut, face massage, and other things. While doing the massage, the billu barber unintentionally asked me, “Sir, what’s the matter? Are you going with someone special today?” My reaction was just a smile coz I knew the fact.

After all such beauty exercises, I came home and took a bath, dressed up – ready to take a chance. Before leaving home, I thought to read the newspaper – I turned the Page3 of the Delhi times and my eyes stopped on a title, “Girls: Beware of Romeos on Valentine’s Day.” Some girls had shared their last year’s Valentine’s Day experience. In an interview, one girl said that while moving around the market on that special day, she came across a Romeo who proposed her. And she never forgets the reply – Get Lost…..Other girls who shared their experiences responded in the same way. After reading that news, I was really depressed and finally dropped the idea of going out. I didn’t get any unknown calls either.

The very next day, I got a miscall, but the mobile number was unknown – I didn’t call her back – hey, I am using her, as if I knew who gave me the miscall – height of frustration – hehehe. Well, I am happy that I am alone, coz when I think of the time when I was not single, I feel happier than before now. Anyway, my Valentine’s Day experience was really funny, what about yours – share with us…

Friday, October 17, 2008

Karwa chawth: A festival of married Indian women

Karwa chawth is a Hindu ritual of fasting by married women seeking the long life and prosperity of their husbands. Though this festival is more popular in North India, everyone knows the significance of it. I knew it by watching Bollywood movies. But I had never thought that one day I would do the same for a girl – Lol…Surprised???

It was 2004 when I decided to celebrate this festival in a different way. 2004 – the year when I was deeply in love with a girl. On Karwa Chawth day I called her up and said, “I am on fast and I want you to cook something for me.” Her reaction was quite interesting. She first laughed and said Ok… done… you must do it for me. Anyway, I was on fast the whole day – I was never on fast before in my life, but you know for the sake of love…

Since we were not allowed to meet late in the evening, I called her up and said, Dear, I will reach your place by 6pm and she said ok. I didn’t know what was she preparing for me. Before leaving my room, I gave her a miscall… She reached at a particular place and had brought a Tiffin box. I sat beside her and said, “I did this for you and you only.” She passed a million dollar smile and I thought my daylong fasting didn’t go in vain.

After some intimate conversation, she opened the Tiffin box and it was Halwa (a sweet dish), and she gave that to me. I ate but there was no sugar – she felt embarrassed. And few minutes later she said that she was in a hurry and forgot to add sugar. Anyway, that was really unforgettable day for both of us.

Today, after 4 years, I can feel that very moment but she is not with me. She left me alone in the beach of love. But true love never dies – I loved her truly but don’t know about her. God bless her!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Ignite your passion for sex

Have you still got the same eagerness for sex as you had in the first year of married life? Your answer would definitely be a Big NOOO… Do you know why both of you are not interested in doing it a year after your married life – the reason is quite simple. If you do the same thing everyday, you get bored. I give you a simple example – if I ask you about your favorite cuisine and your answer is say, Chicken Tikka – eat the same stuff everyday for a week. I am sure; you will not allow the same stuff in your platter on the 8th day.

This logic is very much related to sex life. And therefore, practicing sex everyday is a bad idea. The best way to keep your sexual ignition unharmed is choose a special day, say Saturday – now, both of you have chosen this day. Do your office and home work as usual and wait for that special day – celebrate that special day, as if you are doing something extraordinary. Cook some special food for dinner, play a light music and make love. If you do this, I am sure you would get the eternal joy and love. And the biggest advantage of practicing it is – you will wait for the next Saturday with same enthusiasm.

Friendship for a cause

Last week, I got a friend request alert on a social community website. It is normal if there is a man, but surprisingly, it was a girl. It took no time from my side to accept her friend request. Then I visited her profile and tried to scrutinize what kind of girl she is. Anyway in the evening itself, I got a scrap from her side, “Hi, dear, r u there?” It was really surprising for me. I sent a message, “yes, I am online. Do you have gmail account id?” She took no time in her reply and sent her gmail id. I added her and we were online on Gtalk.

Now, it is time to justify my blog title. In the very first chat line, she told me the reason why she added me. I asked why? She said, “I am doing mass comm. and want your help.” I had no clue so I again asked how? She said, “Actually the project is related to your place and I hope you belong to the same place the reason being you have joined such social communities in your web profile.” I think she is very intelligent and slightly overconfident. I said no, I do not belong to that place; I have so many friends from there. Then she simply said, ok – you please gather some information about the project, coz no information is available on the site. And the last date of submission is 10th of October.

It is inevitable to mention one thing about me coz it is directly related to this blog. When I was working in a company, my senior colleague once told me, “You are a search master.” Actually, I used to maintain a database for all the information that would require every day. And it is really time consuming, if you search the same thing daily. So, this practice of mine really impressed my senior. Now come to the point – when she said, she didn’t get any relevant information on the site, I was confident that I would search all the information in no time. However, I took two days time from her. During the chat, I also asked whether she is engaged or not. And the answer you can expect, YES. But I was not hurt coz her friend list was stuffed with beautiful girls. And I said plz do something for me as well – just kidding!!!

I searched a lot on the project topic she had given to me. I also asked my friend for the same – but really there was no information. So, finally I gave up. After two days, she again came online and buzzed me with her signature chat line, “Hi dear, r u there?” I said yes, and told her that I could not collect the information. The moment I sent this message, she logged off.

I am ending this blog just like Ram Gopal Verma’s movie – coz once I was watching Ramu’s film, the picture abruptly ended. Many audiences in the cinema hall were still waiting for the end like other Indian movies, but finally the picture hall lights up and gives an indication that the movie has finally come to an end. THE END…

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Love: Is it a science or an art?

I sometimes wonder when I search the meaning of love. Is it something that makes you feel good or is it just an affection you share with someone you are very closed to? I asked this question to some of my friends and their answer really surprised me. One of my friends from arts background said, “love is something that you feel in your heart and mind.” And a friend from science background said, “the feeling of love is directly related to body hormone, as it changes with age and your perception towards love also changes in he same manner.”

I can’t ignore both the logic my friends presented before me. Sometimes I also feel in the same manner. Recently, I experienced this feeling for someone special who came in my life. In terms of arts, I can feel it – I really feel the love that we both have for each other. And I also want to validate the expression of my friend from science background bcoz some love hormones (it could be any body hormones, I am not sure about it) might have secreted in my body that make me happy and my chicks to glow… So, guys, have you ever felt such love – I am sure you might have. So, please jot down and share your experiences with us.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Good news for love buds

Hey guys, there is a good news – now you will get full talk time on your mobile recharge coupon. This is a permanent offer and it is available on all mobile networks. This news will definitely bring 1000$ smile on everyone’s face who frequently use mobile phones, especially girls who often talk with their boyfriends. I remember some of my friends who would always stick to their phones – thank god they are married now.

In the recent time, I have experienced a dramatic change in the behavior of girls. Now, I don’t know why but one thing I realized that if she feels that you are wasting her time with intangible talks, she would say, “Ok, xyz, my mom is calling so talk to you after sometime or maybe some other days.” Now, you are not such a fool to force her to talk. You wait… wait, and wait…Now it’s already a week and sometimes months, but your phone is not ringing… Hellooooooooooooo girls, could you please give us some clue why you do this to us or what you really wanna talk on phone….abt shopping, dressing, love or what…

Monday, August 11, 2008

Please Help My Bro Get His Love!!!

It's URGENT! My bro is sufferring, yet again, from the most dangerous bug. He's in love!!! Again!!! I apologize for being unable to come up with the actual stats. Maybe this is his 15th, no, 19th episode of love interest. Well, I just can't count the numbers. This bug troubles him almost all the time, in every corner he goes and with every move he makes.

This time, his lady love shined through, hold on, an email. Yup, you heard it right. Seems technology is really rising high. My bro has got her email and since then he got lost in the valley of love. He keeps getting lost there. Although he knows each and every corner of that valley by now. Okay, now coming back to the email. The progress led to another stream of technology. This time, the mobile phone...

Her voice pours honey drops. It sounds so bro can go on and on with the wings of his dreams. Love gives you endless wings. But my bro's happy with his two wings. He can fly everywhere. Can build his lovenest anywhere. So what's wrong if he wants to shift to her city and settle down there? I'm sure they'll have cute adorable kids. Ohh, I would love to buy them pooh bears and chocolate cookies...

I know when my bro reads this li'le piece of mine, he'll have already gotten names for his two kids. Hope the baby girl gets the sweet voice of her sweet mom. And the boy will be just like his father - getting dreamy with the emails and phone calls. And the bell will ring and ring and ring...

My bro's lost in his thoughts now. His is the big Hamletian problem. To call or not to call...Somebody help please!!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

The Scarriest Day for Guys

The title of my blog, I hope, does not provoke my male counterparts to accuse me of doubting their macho-ness. They are heroic, romantic, chivalrous, charming... the list goes on (I hope I'm not overrating my statement!!). But even after all these honorable adjective gestures, I still want to believe that there is one such moment for the guys to feel the scare. Pause. I'm not exaggerating this time guys. There is in fact the D day for the heroic troupe.

The day of horror is coming fast. Pause again. Let me clear the air now. Okay, break the ice. It's RAKSHA BANDHAN, the day for sisters tying the sacred band on the hands of the brothers. Time again to take the oath, on the brothers' part, to save their sisters from all the obstacles of the world. It's such a nice day. Sibling revelry glowing bright. Then where's the horror???

Well...guys are scared to the last standing of goosebums. On this auspicious day, any girl can come tie the "dreadly" RAAKHI on their hands!!! A RAAKHI on your hand by a non-sister, and you lose one more chance of a romantic connectivity. Man it's called the much dreaded wired connectivity...

My brother's scared too. He does not wanna come out in the sun. Not on that day. I already assured him that none of my girlfriends will be here. SO he can safely land here. He's decided to stay only for some moments and then quickly go back to his den. I just pray that he does not lose any chance of that high-speed connectivity.

Meanwhile, I have decided to go out with my girls and color the town pink on that day. It's the day of powerpuff girls. We are sealed with the safety package bond signed by the brothers. And yes, not to forget loads of gifts. Time to unload thousands of dollars from brother dearest (Hope my bro's listening!!).

So guys, be ready to face the scarriest moment of your life. Show your heroism now, to your SISTERS. May you be blessed by them to shed the fear factor from your skin and come out in true flying colors. Prepare for the D day. NOW!!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

What women want from men?

The title of this blog is really tempting and I am trying to keep it tempting. Don’t you think -- it’s the most difficult and debated topic? I even don’t have much idea about it. But, whatever I know – I really want to share with you guys. Don’t get offended girls – I am not generalizing the thing I have mentioned here. It’s just what I have experienced.

As I have mentioned in my last blog, I still don’t want to focus on the same topic, i.e., SEX. There are other interesting aspects as well and I am going to share the one i.e., shopping and women. I sometimes wonder how finicky girls could be when it comes to shopping. Suppose, if I have to buy a jeans or a T-shirt, it will hardly take an hour or two. However, when your girl friend has to buy the same stuff – forget man, better take a leave from your office. Just mail your boss that you are ill and can’t join the office today. The reason is quite valid, coz otherwise also you are going to fall ill after shopping.

I remember one such event when I had to go with my friend (no need to specify) for a shopping spree. She told me one day in advance about her program and also specified that I have to bear all the expenses. The moment she disconnected the phone, my first reaction was – oh god, save me. In the meantime, I checked my wallet – and it was only 100 bucks. I went to the ATM and took some money for the next day.

Next day, early in the morning she reminded me the same – be ready, we have to go for shopping and I said, “Okay I know that.” At around 11 am we went to the market – a genuinely good market for shopping, especially for girls. The market was crowded and the weather was hot because of two reasons: first due to the scorching sun and the second – u know, hot chicks roaming around. Anyway, she thought to buy a jeans first – she does not compromise with brands and therefore, we entered in a showroom – fully air-conditioned. Again I checked my wallet and felt satisfied, as I had cards also. Now the finicky nature starts – she had to choose a black jeans, as black is her favorite color. But the problem is that she picked and tried all colors, even black but her face expression was clear – she was not satisfied. Remember, this was the first showroom we entered.

In the next 2 hours, we had entered 6 other shops for the same. After so much thought (I don’t know why girls think so much knowing the fact that they don’t have that cerebellum part in the brain), she said, "the first one was better." You can imagine my condition at that moment – but couldn’t say a word. Anyway, we again went to the first shop and finally bought an expensive branded jeans for her. She was happy and passed 1000$ smile towards me – that is all I wanted – Lol. Now, I was somewhat relaxed but the very next moment she said, let’s go to some other market for T-shirt. It was her day – so, I had no right to comment. We went to other expensive market and same episode – we entered at least 4 shops and finally bought another expensive T-shirt – again got a 1000$ smile from her.

It was almost around 6 o clock and both were feeling hungry – since, our tastes are similar, we had no problem searching a restaurant. Both like Chinese food. After shopping and eating – I finally reached my home at around 10 o clock. Frankly speaking, unlike other guys, I like shopping and enjoy the same when I am with my friend. So, it was on the whole a good day for me.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Rainy Wish

It's raining
And I floated my untold words on it
Wonder how you react when the raindrops touch you
Maybe a smile and two words
And a chain of feelings
I really wanna hop high
On the newfound tides
Gosh, the sea of love
Is just in front of my home!
Hop hop and hop
And here I go
To reach you there...

P.S. I can't wait to see you here and then we both float forever...

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Think Twice

Don't think I can't feel that there's something wrong
You've been the sweetest part of my life so long
I look in your eyes, there's a distant light
And you and I know there'll be a storm tonight
This is getting serious
Are you thinking 'bout you or us

Don't say what you're about to say
Look back before you leave my life
Be sure before you close that door
Before you roll those dice
Baby think twice

Baby think twice for the sake of our love, for the memory
For the fire and the faith that was you and me
Baby I know it ain't easy when your soul cries out for higher ground
'Coz when you're halfway up, you're always halfway down
But baby this is serious
Are you thinking 'bout you or us


Baby this is serious
Are you thinking 'bout you or us

Don't say what you're about to say
Look back before you leave my life
Be sure before you close that door
Before you roll those dice

Don't do what you're about to do
My everything depends on you
And whatever it takes, I'll sacrifice
Before you roll those dice
Baby think twice


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