Friday, October 3, 2008

Friendship for a cause

Last week, I got a friend request alert on a social community website. It is normal if there is a man, but surprisingly, it was a girl. It took no time from my side to accept her friend request. Then I visited her profile and tried to scrutinize what kind of girl she is. Anyway in the evening itself, I got a scrap from her side, “Hi, dear, r u there?” It was really surprising for me. I sent a message, “yes, I am online. Do you have gmail account id?” She took no time in her reply and sent her gmail id. I added her and we were online on Gtalk.

Now, it is time to justify my blog title. In the very first chat line, she told me the reason why she added me. I asked why? She said, “I am doing mass comm. and want your help.” I had no clue so I again asked how? She said, “Actually the project is related to your place and I hope you belong to the same place the reason being you have joined such social communities in your web profile.” I think she is very intelligent and slightly overconfident. I said no, I do not belong to that place; I have so many friends from there. Then she simply said, ok – you please gather some information about the project, coz no information is available on the site. And the last date of submission is 10th of October.

It is inevitable to mention one thing about me coz it is directly related to this blog. When I was working in a company, my senior colleague once told me, “You are a search master.” Actually, I used to maintain a database for all the information that would require every day. And it is really time consuming, if you search the same thing daily. So, this practice of mine really impressed my senior. Now come to the point – when she said, she didn’t get any relevant information on the site, I was confident that I would search all the information in no time. However, I took two days time from her. During the chat, I also asked whether she is engaged or not. And the answer you can expect, YES. But I was not hurt coz her friend list was stuffed with beautiful girls. And I said plz do something for me as well – just kidding!!!

I searched a lot on the project topic she had given to me. I also asked my friend for the same – but really there was no information. So, finally I gave up. After two days, she again came online and buzzed me with her signature chat line, “Hi dear, r u there?” I said yes, and told her that I could not collect the information. The moment I sent this message, she logged off.

I am ending this blog just like Ram Gopal Verma’s movie – coz once I was watching Ramu’s film, the picture abruptly ended. Many audiences in the cinema hall were still waiting for the end like other Indian movies, but finally the picture hall lights up and gives an indication that the movie has finally come to an end. THE END…

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Agreed..True Friendship is hard to find!

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