Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Love: Is it a science or an art?

I sometimes wonder when I search the meaning of love. Is it something that makes you feel good or is it just an affection you share with someone you are very closed to? I asked this question to some of my friends and their answer really surprised me. One of my friends from arts background said, “love is something that you feel in your heart and mind.” And a friend from science background said, “the feeling of love is directly related to body hormone, as it changes with age and your perception towards love also changes in he same manner.”

I can’t ignore both the logic my friends presented before me. Sometimes I also feel in the same manner. Recently, I experienced this feeling for someone special who came in my life. In terms of arts, I can feel it – I really feel the love that we both have for each other. And I also want to validate the expression of my friend from science background bcoz some love hormones (it could be any body hormones, I am not sure about it) might have secreted in my body that make me happy and my chicks to glow… So, guys, have you ever felt such love – I am sure you might have. So, please jot down and share your experiences with us.


Amli Jaat said...
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Anonymous said...

Widout any doubt...LOVE IS AN ART! It can't be Science...HOW COME?

Anonymous said...

Hi Blogger.

Love is Love.NO SCIENCE NO ART!. Bhaiya ji pyar ko pyar hi rehen do koi nam na do.


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