Thursday, February 19, 2009

Post Valentine’s Day Special

Valentine’s Day is over and so the love – sorry, just kidding. Well, many youngsters say that for them everyday is special and Valentine’s Day is no different. They love their partners with the same passion as any other day, while many others desperately wait for Valentine’s Day, i.e., 14th February. Well, in my opinion, Valentine’s Day is a good concept – though I am still single (ready to mingle), but there has always been a veiled hope that on Valentine’s day, someone inadvertently would call me and say, “Hey… will you be my valentine?”… Lol

Well, on dooms day, while I was waiting for such unknown calls, my mind was searching for other options. My 1500 gram brain sent a message through millions of nerve cells, “Why don’t you go out at places such as malls and multiplexes where you can get someone special.” The idea was great – I went to the salon and asked the barber for hair cut, face massage, and other things. While doing the massage, the billu barber unintentionally asked me, “Sir, what’s the matter? Are you going with someone special today?” My reaction was just a smile coz I knew the fact.

After all such beauty exercises, I came home and took a bath, dressed up – ready to take a chance. Before leaving home, I thought to read the newspaper – I turned the Page3 of the Delhi times and my eyes stopped on a title, “Girls: Beware of Romeos on Valentine’s Day.” Some girls had shared their last year’s Valentine’s Day experience. In an interview, one girl said that while moving around the market on that special day, she came across a Romeo who proposed her. And she never forgets the reply – Get Lost…..Other girls who shared their experiences responded in the same way. After reading that news, I was really depressed and finally dropped the idea of going out. I didn’t get any unknown calls either.

The very next day, I got a miscall, but the mobile number was unknown – I didn’t call her back – hey, I am using her, as if I knew who gave me the miscall – height of frustration – hehehe. Well, I am happy that I am alone, coz when I think of the time when I was not single, I feel happier than before now. Anyway, my Valentine’s Day experience was really funny, what about yours – share with us…

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