Thursday, March 19, 2009

Vanity: No Apologies

Recently I read some news on Viagra – scientists claim that people who often use aphrodisiac for improving their sexual satisfaction also welcome various diseases. Today Viagra is easily available in the market, but it has side effects that finally lead to various diseases.

Well, this news has nothing to do with me coz I am still single and virgiii…So, what is the use of Viagra…But this news reminded me of my college days when I first visited a medical shop to buy the same just for sere curiosity. I was really nervous but I finally geared up and asked the chemist to give me a Viagra capsule. I had seen various TV ads on Viagra and I liked a brand that was available at the chemist’s shop.

When I asked the chemist to show me the bottle containing Viagra capsules – he looked at me in such a way as if I was doing a crime (what a low mentality he was having)… Anyway, I bought the capsule and as I kept it in my pocket, the Viagra magic started…shhhhhhh… read it carefully…lol

Well, the magic started and my normal cock (so called munna) turned into a serpent. Thank god I had a tight undergarment otherwise anyone could have guessed it…lol
I reached at my room and locked the door --- I don’t know whether the effect was psychological or whatever, but the magic was on…

Since I was in a hostel room, I just wanted to do the thing quickly but alone without any opposite sex – can u imagine? Well, I slipped my trouser and inner wear just to let my cock take a deep breath. I don’t know what was happening at that particular time, but I was just following the instructions of my brain nerves. I finally released the tension and my cock (munna) went into a deep sleep mode.

Well, the moral of the story is that Viagra is more about mental frame shift of mind – sexual desire comes more from each others understanding, love and care – rest all are bullshit.

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