Monday, August 6, 2012

My Extracurricular Activity

Teaching is one of the best extracurricular activities of my life. It’s my passion and I love guiding children in the best possible way. Well, this is not something that most people would prefer as an extracurricular activity, but for me it’s my love. I have grown up in a family where education is closely linked; both my parents are in teaching profession. I owe my gratitude to parents for inculcating my interest in teaching. My mom would always show answer sheets of some of the best students of her school. Today, when I delve into the past, I thank my mom for giving such an encouraging boost to my knowledge and thought process.

My educational journey has been a challenging one. I prepared hard for the entrance test to get admission in a graduate college. I still remember how difficult it was to understand some concepts. When I interact with students, I give attention to each and every one of them to make sure they understand the topic. When I was in school, some teachers would focus only on bright students. For me, teaching is only successful when you improve every student’s capability; understand their hidden talent and encourage them.

After finishing my Masters degree, I worked in several companies, but I was not happy. I met a friend of mine and shared my dilemma. He advised me to write things that I really want in my life and just follow them. The very first word I wrote on a piece of paper was teaching. I love teaching, and I find ways to make my teaching more interactive and innovative. However, when I meet students, I feel happy, and content from inside. After every class, I give additional time to share my experience with students. 


abubakar siddik said...

I think you should look into volunteer work to help "keep your mind sharp". I'm sure any organization
would be happy to have you volunteer, even if just for a few hours a week. Maybe even at your local
library? I've definitely noticed since finishing school I'm starting to "slip" even though I read and
write. I guess maybe I need to start doing homework haha!
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