Saturday, September 6, 2008

Good news for love buds

Hey guys, there is a good news – now you will get full talk time on your mobile recharge coupon. This is a permanent offer and it is available on all mobile networks. This news will definitely bring 1000$ smile on everyone’s face who frequently use mobile phones, especially girls who often talk with their boyfriends. I remember some of my friends who would always stick to their phones – thank god they are married now.

In the recent time, I have experienced a dramatic change in the behavior of girls. Now, I don’t know why but one thing I realized that if she feels that you are wasting her time with intangible talks, she would say, “Ok, xyz, my mom is calling so talk to you after sometime or maybe some other days.” Now, you are not such a fool to force her to talk. You wait… wait, and wait…Now it’s already a week and sometimes months, but your phone is not ringing… Hellooooooooooooo girls, could you please give us some clue why you do this to us or what you really wanna talk on phone….abt shopping, dressing, love or what…

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